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Welcome to The Best Life Network — a network of professionals supporting people to live their best lives — heart, mind and soul.

Caroline Andersen
Caroline AndersenCounsellor
Jay Kryklywj
Jay KryklywjRegistered Therapeutic Counsellor
Katy Suik
Katy SuikCertified Professional Life Coach
Kayli VanderMeer
Kayli VanderMeerEntrepreneur & Startup Coach
Riley Banzer
Riley BanzerEntrepreneur & Motivation Coach
Tammy Skomorowski
Tammy SkomorowskiCounsellor, Spiritual Life Coach & Facilitator

If you want to live your best life, there is work to do

We have to do the work of learning how to connect or reconnect to ourselves and other humans. You have to do the work of experiencing your feelings, healing yourself and letting go of everything that keeps you from moving forward. You have to do the work on improving your skills, so that you feel better, be better, do better.

At The Best Life Network, we offer you a place to explore, to discover, to connect and to grow. Read more…

Connected Conversations

November 8

Why Do You Care?

with Riley Banzer, Motivation Coach & Entrepreneur

Why are we so concerned with how others see us that we are frozen by fear of standing out?

Join Riley from OAK Motivation in this talk about why you need to stop worrying about others’ opinion of you, and start doing more of what makes you happy. 

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