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What is The Best Life Network?

The Best Life Network is a fun and engaging team of professionals that shares one common vision: to support and strengthen the connection between each person and his or her best life possible.

We’re a network of ordinary human beings with extraordinary passion for nurturing lives that are overflowing with meaning and purpose. We specialize in personal and professional development through life coaching, counselling and integrative healing. So far, our work includes the following:

  • Private and/or group work
  • Online and/or in-person format
  • Seminar and workshops

Meet Our Team

Caroline Andersen
Registered Professional Counsellor

Jay Kryklywj
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Katy Suik
Certified Professional Life Coach

Kayli VanderMeer
Entrepreneur, Startup Coach

Riley Banzer
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Tammy Skomorowski
Certified Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach & Facilitator