If You Want to Live Your Best Life, There is Work to Do

We have to do the work of learning how to connect or reconnect to ourselves and other humans. You have to do the work of experiencing your feelings, healing yourself and letting go of everything that keeps you from moving forward. You have to do the work on improving your skills, so that you [...]

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Wake Up!

It’s not intentional of course. Life is really, really busy so we find ourselves hypnotized into a state of chaotic survival. Daily, we are perpetually running at full speed, desperate to catch the moving train so can finally hop aboard. We imagine that once aboard, we can pour that tall cool one, lay our [...]

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A Look Back To Move Forward

As the end of another year approaches many people start to think about what they want to create for the coming year.  Looking back and reflecting on your last year will help you to move forward in the right direction. This is an important annual ritual for many of the following reasons: In order [...]

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