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Join us for Connected Conversations — evenings dedicated to learning new things, meeting like-minded people, and developing yourself into a better you! There will be different speakers on different topics with an opportunity to connect with the community and join the conversation.

Next Event: December 12, 2018

“Was a great conversation, thanks to all who shared!”

“It was amazing. Loved it!”

“Came away feeling unexpectedly refreshed, thank you!”

 “Great time. I’m already excited for next month!”

“Great event!”

I look forward to future Connected Conversations and hope to bring some friends.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Connected Conversations and think it’s a great event to have in the community.  It’s a fine balance between professional talks and casual discussion, a great starter for opening up those taboo subjects that people are typically weary to broach.  I appreciate the precautions the experts take prior to the conversation while still keeping things light and interactive, but without the intensity of a one-on-one talk or it feeling like “group work.”  I’ve been impressed with the topic selections, which has personally drawn me in.

When: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Where: Cafe Voltaire, 1685 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC   Google Map

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Please arrive by 6:45pm to get a seat and grab a delicious snack from the cafe

Cost December: Only $10 per person (Cash at door)

December 12th

Year End Connections

With the Best Life Network Team

You are invited to our end-of-year extravaganza!

Join us for a fun night of games, a life lessons panel, and a chance to win prizes!


Timothy Leary said it well,

“Who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on conversation with a stranger? Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others…”